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Only two.

Sir John A. Macdonald died following a stroke in Ottawa in 1891. He was 76. Sir John Thompson was only 49 (actually 50, based on the birthdate he preferred) when he died of a heart attack while having lunch with Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle, England, in 1894.


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Six PMs reached the age of 70 while in office.

3rd oldest Prime Minister in office — Louis St. Laurent, 74.

2nd oldest Prime Minister in office — Sir Charles Tupper, 75.

Oldest Prime Minister in office — Sir John A. Macdonald, 76, died in office.

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Six of the country’s 22 PMs were over the age of 65 when assuming office. The three oldest were all part of the series of short-term ‘caretaker’ PMs to replace Macdonald after his death.

3rd oldest Prime Minister — John Abbott, 70

2nd oldest Prime Minister — Mackenzie Bowell, 70, just six days short of his 71st birthday.

Oldest Prime Minister — Sir Charles Tupper, 74.

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Eight of the country’s 22 PMs were under the age of 50 when assuming office.

3rd youngest Prime Minister — Arthur Meighen, 46. PMs Kim Campbell and Stephen Harper were also 46 on assuming office.

2nd youngest Prime Minister — Brian Mulroney, 45.

Youngest Prime Minister — Joe Clark, 39. He turned 40 the day after becoming PM.

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So ends a full year of day-to-day facts about Canada’s Prime Ministers. Of course, plenty of other interesting things happened in the lives of the country’s leaders, the kind of information that will be part of a book I’m researching.

In the meantime, this space will, on occasion, share other interesting facts about Canada’s 22 leaders. Watch for them.

Happy Canada Day!

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