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1945 — Paul Martin joins William Lyon Mackenzie King‘s cabinet as Secretary of State. His new responsibilities make little impact on his six-year-old son, Paul Martin, Jr.

It has taken him 10 years as an MP to get the nod for a cabinet seat. In 1988, his son, a successful businessman, makes the leap from MP to cabinet member in five years before going on to become Prime Minister.


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2006 — The Conservative party, led by Stephen Harper, defeats the Liberals of Prime Minister Paul Martin, but Canada will still be saddled with a minority government. Both men are re-elected in their respective ridings: Calgary Southwest and La Salle-Émard.

The television coverage of the 39th federal election includes an interview on CBC with former Prime Minister Kim Campbell who gives a lukewarm endorsement to Harper. She admits she doesn’t really know him since he entered Parliament in the 1993 election that ended her career in politics.

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1970 –Maurice Strong, CEO of  Power Corporation in Montreal, appoints his 32-year-old executive assistant, Paul Martin, to the board of directors of Canada Steamship Lines, a Power subsidiary. It’s the beginning a long relationship. CSL is not only a Great Lakes shipping firm, but also oversees Power Corp’s investment portfolio.

Within three years, Martin becomes president of CSL, and in 1981 he and a partner buy the company. He continues to run CSL until 1988 when he is elected MP for LaSalle-Émard in Quebec. In 2003, he sells his interest in CSL to his three sons.

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nov302004Kim Campbell becomes the 18th Prime Minister to have a portrait unveiled in the Centre Block of Parliament Hill. Painted by David Goatley of British Columbia, the Campbell canvas shows the first female Prime Minister surrounded by legal, academic and First Nations robes — all symbols of parts of her career.

Campbell arrives 45 minutes late for the unveiling, held up by protesters on Parliament Hill demontrating against the visit of U.S. President George W. Bush. Prime Minister Paul Martin indicates he’s honoured to be adding a female presence to the corridor.

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nov282005 — For the first time in Canadian history, a federal government is defeated in a straight no-confidence vote. The vote wasn’t linked to any legislation. It was simply a case of the three opposition parties voting against the Liberal minority government of Paul Martin.

The vote seemed inevitable after Jack Layton, leader of the New Democratic Party, informed Martin that future NDP support for the Liberals would depend on a ban on private health care, as well as a several other conditions. Martin refused, opening the way for the no-confidence motion made by the Leader of the Opposition, Stephen Harper.

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oct142008 — Canada faces its third minority government in four years when Prime Minister Stephen Harper‘s Conservatives win 19 more seats than in 2006 — still not enough to represent a majority in the House of Commons.

Not running today in Canada’s 40th general election is former Prime Minister Paul Martin who lost to Harper two years ago.

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oct042004 –Prime Minister Paul Martin‘s two recent appointments to the Supreme Court of Canada are now official.

Rosalie Abella and Louise Charron, both from Ontario’s Court of Appeal, bring legal track records as activists and feminists to their new jobs. In 1988, Abella moderated a televised election debate among leaders Brian Mulroney (Conservative), John Turner (Liberal) and Ed Broadbent (NDP).

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