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Sir Charles Tupper was Canada’s 6th Prime Minister (1896)

1) Finishes reading the entire Bible to his father (a Baptist minister) — at age 7.

2) While studying medicine at the University of Edinburgh, is saved by a former classmate after a roommate attempts to shoot him during an argument.

3) Never presides over Parliament while Prime Minister. An election is called in 1896 before he assumes office, so Parliament is already dissolved. He loses the election two months later.

4) The last survivor of Canada’s 36 Fathers of Confederation, dying 48 years after Confederation.

5) The only Prime Minister to be inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. Tupper is the first president of the Canadian Medical Association (1867-1870). Turns down a fourth term, having already served longer than anyone else in the organization’s subsequent history. The induction ceremony takes place in Hamilton in 2016.

from Unknown and Unforgettable: A Guide to Canada’s Prime Ministers


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July81896: Although the Conservatives clearly lost the election on June 23, 117 to 86 seats against Wilfrid Laurier‘s Liberal party, Prime Minister Sir Charles Tupper has been clinging to power ever since. He has been determined to get approval for a few initiatives before stepping down, namely a new steamship line and raft of patronage appointments.

Governor General Lord Aberdeen, who dislikes Tupper, refuses to grant his wishes. So, Tupper spent his 75th birthday two days ago arguing his case one last time before the Queen’s representative. No go. Aberdeen has finally been able to force Tupper’s resignation as Canada’s sixth and briefest Prime Minister.

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may241879: For the second time, former prime minister Alexander Mackenzie refuses a knighthood offered by Queen Victoria. And just in case you think he wasn’t serious about rejecting a peerage offered by Britain, he’ll turn down the offer a third time in two years.

Not all politicians feel the same about the honour. On this very same day, the ‘Sir’ designation is gratefully received by Charles Tupper, Minister of Railways & Canals. In 1895, he’ll become Prime Minister for two months.

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ChretienIn 1888, Sir John A. Macdonald appointed 33-year-old Charles Hibbert Tupper to be his Minister of Marine & Fisheries. Tupper, the son of Sir Charles Tupper, became the country’s youngest cabinet member, a record that remained his throughout Canada’s first century.

In 1967, another 33-year-old (although a few months older), joined cabinet. Lester Pearson appointed Jean Chrétien to be a Minister Without Portfolio.

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feb251884: The Leader of the Opposition Edward Blake moves a resolution declaring the seat of MP Sir Charles Tupper to be  vacant, since he is now serving as High Commissioner in London.

The issue is referred to committee where Tupper successfully argues that there is no conflict because he is not being paid for his posting in Britain.

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MackenzieNewspaper editors among past PMs were Alexander Mackenzie (Lambton Shield), Mackenzie Bowell (Belleville Intelligencer), Charles Tupper (British Colonist), and Wilfrid Laurier (Le Défricheur).

John A. Macdonald founded the Toronto Mail, William Lyon Mackenzie King edited the government’s Labour Gazette, Pierre Trudeau was heavily involved with Cité libre, Joe Clark wrote for the Albertan and various other publications, and John Turner edited his high school and university papers.

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Sir Charles Tupper can boast to having the longest marriage of any Canadian Prime Minister. He was already married for 48 years when he became the head of government and ended up being together with Frances Morse for 66 years. The second longest marriage is that of Jean Chrétien and Aline Chainé, married for 53 years and counting. Aline recently became chancellor of Laurentian University.

The record for the shortest marriage goes to Kim Campbell, married to Howard Eddy for seven years. And the second briefest coupling? Kim Campbell again, to her first husband Nathan Divinsky, for 11 years.

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